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Health and Risk Factors (continued)

woman sneezingAs Carpet Specialists we know very well that carpets accumulate a lot of dust and dirt over a period of time. A dirty carpet may accumulate microscopic organisms like dust mites, fungus, bacteria etc. which is unhygienice and bad for the family members.Furthermore a dirty carpet not only spoils the aesthetics but may also emit bad odor, spoiling the "feel" of the room. Hence, frequent cleaning of carpet is a necessity. The frequency may vary from once a year to every six months, depending upon the usage of the carpet and other factors, such as the presence of kids or pets in the house, or whether anybody is suffering from allergies.

Carpet and Allergies

Many consumers purchase carpet with the impression that carpet cleaning should only take place when the carpet appears soiled. Today's carpet fibers have been engineered to withstand soiling and stains as never before. Carpet should be cleaned before it begins to exhibit signs of soiling. Failure to regularly clean carpet could allow soil and allergens to build-up within the pile. Many people have begun to question the impact of carpet and other materials on allergies for people who are overly sensitive to chemicals. However, one positive attribute of carpet is that these allergens are trapped within the carpet pile rather than being released into the breathing zone. The fact that carpet may collect more lint and dust than a hard surface floor covering may be considered an advantage, as it is better to have dirt and bacteria-carrying particles held down in the carpet until it is vacuumed, than to have it stirred up and airborne by continual shuffling of shoes--as is the case with smooth surfaces. However, regular cleaning of the carpet must take place because the carpet pile becomes filled with allergen. Each time the carpet is extraction cleaned, most of the allergen contained in carpet are removed. The key to preventing allergen release into the breathing zone, and maintaining low allergen levels, is to regularly clean your carpet. Studies show that carpet cleaning reduces the amount of mite allergen in carpet by more than 90% with each carpet cleaning.

Cleaning method...

Choosing the right carpet cleaning method is important because if you choose a wrong method your carpet's life may be reduced. Choose a method which is compatible with the fiber and underlay of the carpet.

Most carpets can be cleaned using a hot water steam extraction method. Most major carpet mills recommend the hot water steam extraction method for cleaning.

Keep that tile and grout clean to make your children's environment a healthy one!

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