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Hand made rugs can last for centuries in good condition, give remarkably long service and age beautifully with proper care. Vacuum your rug regularly and always try to clean up any spills as soon as they occur. There are many products on the market that will help you with spot cleaning.

caring for your rug...

  • Moths are a real danger to your rug and are best controlled by moving, handling and regular exposure to light and air. If you do have to store your rug then ensure that you inspect it regularly. A rug in use will rarely be a danger from moths but those in storage are at risk. If the rug is to be stored for any length of time use a sheet or cloth to wrap it rather than pastic sheeting. This allows the rug to breathe and will sometimes stop rotting or mildew which is common when plastic bags are used.
  • Water and dampness being left in any rug may cause colors to bleed. This does not mean that you cannot use your rug in an area that may get wet but make sure that you dry them thoroughly when they do get wet.
  • If any damage is sustained at any time a competent expert (like Oceanside's technicians) should deal with the damage as soon as possible. We have many years experience in repairing carpets and rugs.
  • You should rotate your rug if possible so that the effect of sunshine and wear is minimized.
  • If your rug is going to be used on a hard surface a good quality pad can double it's life.
  • To keep your handmade rug beautiful they should be cleaned regularly by someone who is experienced in the cleaning of oriental rugs.
  • Keeping your rugs vacuumed regularly is essential to keeping them clean. However, catching the fringe of rugs in the suction of the vacuum will result in them breaking and tearing.
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Health and Risk Factors

As Carpet Specialists we know very well that carpets accumulate a lot of dust and dirt over a period of time. A dirty carpet may accumulate microscopic organisms like dust mites, fungus, bacteria etc. which is unhygienice and bad for the family members.